Saturday, October 05, 2013

Where Are They Now

So, I started thinking about the blog I use to write, the one that was started in order to stay in contact with one of my favourite people - who has since gone on to other things.  Does anyone blog any more or all thought reduced to twitting?  My, I do like twitting much better than twitter.  So the dilemma, do I write or in my case, rite or not?  Let's hear it from my fans!

Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The ... Can a Lap Top Be Choked to Death???

Well, well, well .... I'm baaaaack.  Yep, after a rather long hiatus, the result of low hemoglobin and unpredictable blood pressure, I am now back on the plasmapheresis schedule.  This is a genuine good thing in that it encourages me to keep my weight down and my "hem" up!  Re-engaging was kind of what I imagine the Cheers bar is like.  Everyone knows your name and they ask about you and family - kind of neat.

Now of course one cannot have a completely good day but why do they deteriorate so badly???  

Computer issues continue to haunt me.  After an hour in the store yesterday another attempt was made today ... as a safety measure a backup drive was purchased and after an hour or so with express lane, the "express" was just a tad tarnished as yet again, foisted onto yet another helper where it got positively

Is it possible to kill this computer .... OK, the computer is fine, the software leaves much to be desired and after 2.5 hours and still no solution, well you can guess I'm thinkin'

It's late and I'm sure there is a solution, just not today or tonight.  We await the prognostication and able assistance of yet a higher form of genius known as "the supervisor".

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The 1 That Got A Way

Well!  Today was one of those days.  Today was one of those days that completely got away from me.  The day certainly started well enough with an early rising breakkie and then Xtrainer time.  It was at about the Xtrainer time or shortly there after that my grip, my sure grip on the way the day was going to unfold started to slip.  You might say it began to ....

Unravel ... OK it wasn't quit that dramatic initially more like ...

but by the end of the day, the top picture is pretty accurate.  

Things were not as tight as I would have liked at the training session, my gym investigation, while productive had its own moments of "ga-nash", leaving me tired and then .... and then ... apple .... DO NOT BELIEVE EVERYTHING THEY SAY.  Ultimately a computer is a computer and software is software and servers don't serve very much at all at times.  You can bet the hardware manufacturer is going to blame the software and if they are related intimately, well then it is the server.  The scenario was very much "you can't get there from here" sort of thing.  Ultimately being told by the "genius", you will have to call "apple care".  Yep at that point I'm pretty sure talking to a fruit would have been just as productive as what was happening to the computer.  Ahhhh well tomorrow is another day and I can always transfer the "To Do's" of TODAY to be done TOMORROW!  Yep, I have that flexibility, especially now

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Sublimation or Evaporation???

OK, I've been robbed, misunderstood, or just did "get it".  Where is all this spare time I am supposed to have now that I am ... what?  semi-retired???  Seriously I cannot decide whether my time and energy is zipped away through sublimation or evaporation.  The only certain thing is that both time and energy seem to disappear into the ether.  My bias is towards evaporation as I suspect energy is being used in the conversion from time to no time.

It has been fun and it is only just starting but it does seem that my "To Do" list become a "Not Done" or "Yet to be Completed" list fairly quickly.  At the end of each day I glance at the thing and there are fewer check marks than there should be and some items drag along for days.  Perhaps it is my fervent wish that if ignored the ignored items, rather than my time and energy, will disappear. 

It is nice, no wait, necessary to be a life-long learner!

Monday, January 02, 2012

The Luxury of a Cuppa

It is nice to have the time for a cuppa.  Two hours of telling someone how to do my job .... exhausting .... nah, not really but it is sooooo sweet to have my CD in the background and a cup of green tea while I contemplate my To Do list.  This relaxation is not typical of a Monday afternoon for me and I am learning to "To Do" list beckons but not with the intensity that it once had, partially, I suppose, related to the fact that this is a Holiday for some in lieu of New Year's Day which fell on a Sunday.  Frankly I cannot DO some of those items as offices and personnel are not available.  In the past this might have irked me, not so today.

This blogging business does not flow as easily as it once did and again, I had trouble remembering how to access the appropriate page to commence a note.  It can only get better, the cats have abandoned me for snoozes elsewhere and this is my change to simply sit and sip ... what a pleasure! 

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year .... Happy or Not, It IS a New Year

Seriously, you know you are not blogging enough when you can't remember how!  It seemed like a giant brain cramp....   Since this is a New Year and all I thought I might put together a few thoughts on a more frequent basis than in the past year .... like even writing this much exceeds 2011's output.

Today, for the first time in a long time I did a bit of a walk through the neighbourhood, only 30 minutes and not with enough energy to kick my heart rate monitor into action.  In August of 2010 my sweet little "Molly-car" was rear-ended by another car.  My suspicion is that the other driver was texting or otherwise distracted, no matter the cause the result is the same.  Really, I do not want to go into detail, suffice to say, Molly was repairable, me, not so much.  It seems I now have more time off from the "day job" than what I would have liked.

My thinking is, blogging has gone the way of the Passenger Pigeon, with twitter and facebook usurping the role once filled by blogs.  To blog is to commit which isn't to say twittering is not a commitment and in some ways more challenging than the luxury of  space and words allowed by blogs.

The girls, as you can see, have the chairs "covered" and they send their cat best which is closer to "whatever" or "mew" than anything else.  We shall see how this brand new year unfolds and I will practice gratitude and joy - seriously I need to practice these things as I am very rusty.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Greetings .... No Salutations

Another week another funeral - definitely making a habit of them - this time a pilot, which certainly has more impact for me. Strange thing this piloting business as we who fly, keep hostage those tied to the ground. We who fly can reduce the odds as much as possible, minimize the risks and so on but family and friends have no control what so ever. Actually, this is why I think flying is a much better metaphor for life than baseball or golf - admittedly a whole lot less available as a comparison, therefore making it quite elitist. By definition, since it is so elitist I suppose it does not have much value as a metaphor, except for me.

We've not had much summer weather this summer and the pundits are calling for a longer, colder winter. Too soon there will ice and snow to deal with on the drive to work. Where are my lottery winnings?!? In fact, I have always maintained that I will not win any lottery at all until I don't want to win one and strangely enough, even though I would like to win now, I rarely buy a ticket - significantly reducing my chance to win, and I ask: If I would like to win the lottery NOW and rarely buy a ticket and I think I could use the money .... well, how likely am I to win the lottery when I don't think I need it and am even LESS likely to win? Sounds like "The Secret" to me!

The cats extend their greetings to the world, Precious busy being "precious" and Spook? Well her attitude is evidence by her picture ... oh wait there is not picture!
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